Wildland Fire Gear Bag 2 Compartment Funes Style

This custom design is similar to the original Wildland Gear Bag 2 Compartment Aleman Style  however has been made compact. It still has two compartments with 2 zipper pockets which allows for logical separation of fire gear.  Now included is a hidden pocket in top compartment, a divider in the bottom compartment and a suede wrapped hand grip on each end. The length of the bag is 7" shorter in length than original.

Note: The handles are still long enough so you can throw it on your back. Sometimes you need your hands free.

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Wildland Fire Gear Bag 2 Compartment Funes Style

A well organized but compact bag for your wildland gear when you don't need it everyday but have to have it with you.

Gear Bag Features:

  • Constructed of Ballistic Nylon
  • Dimensions 22"lx 14"w x 12"h
  • Upper Compartment Large 12"l x 14"w x 7"h and Small 5"l x 14"w x 7"h
  • Lower Compartment Dimensions 11"l x 14"w x 5"h for each half
  • Two Zipper Pockets 8"l x 2"w x 4 1/2"h
  • Heavy YKK #10 Zipper Closure
  • Sturdy Handles with Suede Leather Wrap
  • Side Handles with Suede Leather Wrap
  • Hidden Zipper Pocket 5"l x 1"w x 5 1/2"h

Other colors on request.

Call 951-487-0909 if you have any questions.

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Body MaterialBallistic Nylon
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