Ruffian Specialties has over 2000 designs on file of which less than 260 are currently on our web site.  We have served thousands of customers all over the United States for over 35 years.  If you have a special design, question, comments, suggestion, or want to place an order, please give me a call.  My name is Bill Harder and I am the owner of Ruffian Specialties and I look forward to assisting you.



Jan 26, 2024 NOTE: For the next couple of weeks it would be great if folks could send an email to for all requests. I will be spending a considerable amount of time in hospitals and doctors offices as my wife goes through craniotomy number two for brain cancer. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.


Feb 13, 2024 NOTE: My wife came down with COVID on Feb 2nd of all things, so they canceled surgery. Surgery is now scheduled for Friday Feb 16th. So the same out of office issues still remain. Thank you for your patience.


Apr 10, 2024 NOTE: My wife is home and on a 60 person clinical trial. I am getting more time in the shop but I am still taking her to infusions, MRI's, and many doctor appointments. I still thank you for your patience.


Call us at 951-487-0909
E-mail us at -
nstagram @RuffianBags
Twitter @RuffianBags


Typical Hours PST:

Mon 7:00 to 3:00
Tue  7:00 to 3:00
Wed 7:00 to 3:00
Thu  7:00 to 3:00
Fri   7:00 to 3:00


Our DUNS Number: 080101141


We are open to the public at:

236 N State Street, Suite D

Hemet, CA  92543


NOTE:  Please call ahead to schedule an appointment if posible.  We do run errands on occasion and the staff in the office may not be able to assist you.


2022 Holiday Schedule

Memorial Day             Monday         May 30, 2022
Independence Day     Monday       July 4, 2022
Labor Day                   Monday         September 5, 2022
Thanksgiving Day       Thursday       November 24, 2022
Christmas Day            Monday         December 25, 2022

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