Fire Hose Bundle Straps College Station FD Style

NEW SIZE Out of all our fire hose straps this is the most popular. This fire hose strap with a welded heavy metal rectangular loop is a College Station FD style that allows you to loop the webbing back for a secure Velcro connection.  Comes in three sizes; standard secures bundles from 15" to 23", large secures bundles 22" to 30", and Jumbo secures bundles from 24" to 38".  Five inch yellow pull tab provides for a better hand grip and greater visibility.  

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Fire Hose Bundle Straps College Station FD Style

Loop hose strap through rectangular metal loop back onto itself for secure Velcro closure.

Hose Strap Features:

  • 2" Heavy Mil-Spec Poly Webbing
  • 2" Welded Heavy Metal Rectangular Loop
  • Bundle Diameter Sizes: 15" to 23", 22" to 30", and 24" to 38"
  • Velcro Closure
  • 5 Inch Pull Tab

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