Forceable Entry Irons Strap

The Ruffian Irons Strap has two different designs. One to support the standard axe and halligan bar, and the newer Fire Axe Inc. Flathead style with the grooved axe to lock in the halligan bar. We use metal hardware to support the load and multiple colors to make it easier to find after the incident. The shoulder sling is detachable and adjustable to different lengths.  When installing the red is the bloody side and yellow is the pokey side.

Note:  Double "D" rings in pictures have been replaced with a single "D" Ring and a Velcro loop back.  Double "D" Rings will last forever, but the Velcro is faster and easier to use with gloves on.  It was a trade-off.

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Forceable Entry Irons Strap


Irons Strap Features:

  • 2 Different Styles
  • Metal "D" Rings to Support Load
  • Detachable and Adjustable Shoulder Sling
  • Multi-Color Easier to Find After the Incident is Over
  • New Part Number: 40-06-0001

Old Part Number: 40-017-008

Call 951-487-0909 if you have any questions.

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