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The Ruffian firefighter belt is made of Mil-Spec 1 3/4" Nylon webbing in 3 colors with the ‘Airlock’ quick release buckle.  An optional "D" ring is available and can be specified when ordering.  Ruffian makes Airlock belts to size so you don't have a large tail wrapped around your waist.  Measure your waist with a tape measure over the clothing that you plan to wear at your normal belt line.  If the tape says 37" order a size 38" belt.  You can always cinch the belt down 2 to 3 inches but you can not go up.  Not rated for load bearing applications.

March 27, 2015 - Note on longevity.  Spoke to a firefighter this week as he was getting ready to order a new belt.  He bought his current belt 17 years ago.  The belt was fine.  It was his waist that had changed.  Go figure...

April 30, 2015 - The velcro inside is a new option thanks to TWright, and requires each belt be custom made one at a time.  Please allow time for manufacture and delivery.

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Ruffian Firefighters Belt with the Quick Release "Airlock Buckle"

This is the belt Ruffian is famous for.  The original buckle was used by parachute jumpers in World War II to attach their gear bags to the harness.  Ruffian received an authentic original buckle from a smoke-jumper and worked with a hardware manufacturer to create a replica buckle 25 years ago.  Ruffian has been making the best airlock belts to size ever since.

Firefighters Belt Features:

  • Webbing Mil-Spec Rated 1 3/4" Nylon
  • Airlock Buckle
  • Optional "D" Ring
  • Velcro Inside or Outside Option
  • Colors: Black, Olive Drab, Red

New Part Number: 40-01-0200

Old Part Number: 70-500-005

Call 951-487-0909 if you have any questions.

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