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The best-selling heavy canvas tool bag with leather bottom since 1983!

Originally developed and patented for marine maintenance tradesmen, the original Ruffian canvas tool bag with shoulder strap has since turned into its own phenomenon. The bag is still made in small batches of 20 tool bags at a time that are hand made in Hemet, California(USA).  The design has everything: utility, ruggedness and a unique appearance that sets it apart from any other canvas tool bag on the market.  Also makes for a great diaper bag or garden tool bag.

As the owner of Ruffian Specialties and also the owner of a 40 year old boat the pictures shown are of my mechanics tools and tool bag.  I love this tool bag and use it all the time.  I work on twin diesels and a gen set not to mention everything else that can go wrong with a boat.  My bag weighs over 40 lbs and I do use the shoulder strap.  I'm also a fan of craftsmen tools.  Ok, so there is my review.  Oh, and my tools are not included with the tool bag.

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Choose our 4" tall pocket version for those shorter tools.

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Original Ruffian Heavy Canvas Tool Bag with 6 Inch Pockets and Shoulder Strap

This heavy canvas tool bag is the same as the original except it has 6" side pockets instead of 4" pockets on the original canvas tool bag.

Canvas Tool Bag Features:

  • 11.5” x 11” x 8” size to accommodate all your tools
  • Made from #8 heavy duck canvas for tough durability
  • 3oz suede leather bottom, handles and trim for a smooth touch
  • Two 9” x 11” large interior pockets for easy storage and access
  • Six outside 6" pockets with stretch cord fasteners to secure tools
  • Two end pockets with Velcro fasteners for easy opening and access
  • Shoulder strap for when you need both hands free

Ruffian Canvas Tool Bag History:

In 1983 Ruffian Specialties designed and patented a heavy canvas tool bag with leather bottom and shoulder strap for the marine professional.  A marine tradesmen could set the suede leather bottom of the tool bag on a wet boat deck and the tools would stay dry and the bag would not mar the surface.  Heavy natural canvas and suede leather is unique in tool bag design as they create an extremely durable product with an amazing service life.

Several years later after Ruffian released the original tool bag Brookstone came calling and started selling thousands of our heavy canvas tool bags in retail storefronts throughout the United States.  A short time later it became one of the best-selling canvas tool bags for gardeners.  Again the gardener could set the tool bag on the wet soil and the tools would not get wet.  Once the dirty bottom dried all it took was a soft brush to clean off the dirt.  Martha Stewart wrote about our tool bag in her gardening blog in December 2015.  New mothers found the tool bag as the best diaper bag they have ever owned.  One bag is durable enough to survive several kids and still look fantastic.  As an added bonus the pocket structure was perfect for all the baby and toddler supplies a mother needs to carry.  One women would call us every time a girlfriend would have her first child and order a bag to give as a gift.

Ruffian Specialties then came out with the Cinema Tote in heavy black canvas with a black suede leather bottom that became the best canvas on-set bag for professional makeup artists.  The canvas on-set bag has a luxurious look and feel that it imparts a message to others that you're a professional.  Ruffian Specialties added a couple more colors to the canvas tool bag line and retailers started selling the canvas tool bag to equestrian professionals.  Rockler carried the tool bag in their stores for many years and we became one of the best-selling tool bags for woodworking professionals. 

The Ruffian Specialties original heavy canvas tool bag with leather bottom and shoulder strap is still the best-selling canvas tool bag ever designed and built.  We have 30 years and thousands of satisfied customers to prove it.  One of our customers, a professional finish carpenter recently posted a review on Amazon about our original heavy canvas tool bag with a picture.  That canvas tool bag in the picture is 20 years old.  He said it was time for a new one...

New Part Number: 20-04-0006

Old Part Number: 10-202-102

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Body MaterialCotton Duck Heavy #8 / Suede
ColorNatural / Beige
UPC Code864836000210
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