Welcome to RUFFIAN SPECIALTIES, the designer and manufacturer of field tested Wildland Fire Gear worn by City, County, State and Federal Firefighters, and Custom Canvas Products with leather trimmed bags and accessories.

     OUR STORY began in 1986 as a one product – Canvas and Leather Tool Bag manufacturing company.  Local firefighters found us in 1990 and recognized that RUFFIAN could design and produce specialized Wildland Fire Gear that they required to accomplish their jobs safely and efficiently. 

     Word spread within the firefighting communities that “IF YOU CAN DESCRIBE IT – RUFFIAN CAN DESIGN AND MAKE IT”.  We take pride in making gear that firefighters have specified so that they are not limited to generic gear or military surplus that doesn’t provide what they really need.

      Each of our designs started out as a customer’s unique idea for a better product…. thus a new design.  Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Medical Services, Make-Up Artists, the Movie Industry and Recreational personnel are our customers.

     Thank you for visiting us.  As always, we love to hear from you and your ideas are always welcome.


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